Holly Warren is a teacher trainer, workshop leader and international retreat facilitator with over 1600hrs teacher training experience.

As a life long student of Yoga, her ability to convey movement dialogue in an accessible and intelligent way comes from her eclectic background. Initially training with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and at The Place, she had an eight year professional contemporary dance career, worked as tutor on three month residential leadership training programs and led four day breath and meditation workshops. Where she developed a daily sitting practice with an emphasis on the movement of breath. She also uses Yoga Nidra and NeuroLinguistic Programming as tools to support her life and teaching.

As a creative facilitator with twelve years teaching experience, Holly’s teaching focuses on awareness and sensation of breath. As well as developing healthy body mechanics, alignment, postural strength and vitality through movement and mindfulness. Having had the pleasure of learning with Yoga Master Sri OP Tiwari, Director of Kaivalyadhama, Paul Dallaghan and Adyashanti she recently undertook the Mindfulness Meditation facilitation program with Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist Michael Stone. Her passion rests with keeping it simple and the investigation of the basics in her own practice.

Holly’s website: www.hollywarrenyoga.com

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Emma Lewis is an experienced physiotherapist, Yoga teacher and movement mentor with her classes inviting you to play, explore and just be. She combines her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with yoga principles to provide a truly accessible and insightful practice. A creation of an individual yet mutual experience with no expectations, boundaries or judgments and rooted by the mantra ‘nothing is forever’.

Emma’s intrigue in Yoga was deepened by her experience as a specialist neurological physiotherapist, passionate about understanding the brain and human movement. With this curiosity she embarked on a 200-hour, Vinyasa Flow based, teacher training with Holly Warren at Yoga London and further pregnancy yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Her mentors in both the healthcare and Yoga areas have inspired Emma to creatively integrate theory and practice to underpin a unique and embodied experience.

Emma’s website: www.f-y-n-d.co.uk

Emma, Lewis, Europe, Yoga, Retreat, Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France, Luxury, Chalet, spa, hot tub, hiking, meditation, alps, wellness, mountain, travel, mountains, retreats, holistic, holiday, hike, walking, hikes, wellbeing, mindfulness, retreats


Experience guided walks through the stunning French Alps.

Our gentle half day hikes last 2 – 3 hours with plenty of rest time to take in the incredible views. No prior fitness level is required. Our qualified and experienced walking guide and nature expert, Susanna Walker, carefully chooses trails to suit the abilities of our clients. She makes sure no-one is left behind, while imparting knowledge on the local wildlife and beautiful fauna.

On the full day hike we leave the chalet at 10am and set off to explore some of Chamonix’s best hiking trails. Around midday we make ourselves comfortable in an Idyllic setting for a healthy packed lunch with impressive views. When rested, we continue our inspirational journey through the spectacular Mont Blanc mountain range before returning to the chalet to enjoy a fresh healthy smoothie and to relax in the hot tub, sauna and steam room.

All hikes are optional.


The majesty of Mont Blanc is the setting for this new Chamonix QC Terme spa where nature is the protagonist, offering a not-to-missed swim midst the snow or green mountain meadows. It’s an unexpected combination of warmth and freshness, water and earth. Within the spa’s 3,000 square meters, there are over 30 wellness practices, following a multi-sensory journey. There is also an infinity pool whose reflection merges with the water of the adjacent Alpine lake, all with a breathtaking view of the Bossons Glacier.


Chamonix Mont Blanc is the most beautiful Alpine region in Europe and as with all mountain regions, the weather is unpredictable. It can be extremely hot on sunny days and occasionally very cold even in summer, so it’s always a good idea to check the weather report right before you travel.

We recommend bringing hiking boots or sensible outdoor footwear, sunglasses, sun cream, a bathing suit (for the hot tub / spa / pool), a backpack, a waterproof coat, a hat, warm layers and flip flops or slippers to wear on the deck. Don’t panic if you come unprepared or forget anything, there are plenty of shops in town.

The yoga classes will take place on the decking outside the chalet surrounded by the stunning Mont Blanc mountain range but we do have an indoor room to use on rainy days. We provide blankets as well as all yoga equipment (mats, blocks, bricks, straps, bolsters, eye pillows and blankets) but please bring extra layers in case of cold days.

We also provide towels and bathrobes at the chalet so no need to bring your own.

During the meet and greet we will go over the schedule and weather report for the week so we can adjust the schedule a bit if necessary (hiking on sunny or slightly overcast days). We will fit the massages in around the schedule.


‘The whole experience was beautiful. The setting, the chalet, the food, the yoga, the massage, the food, the walks, the spa day, the food, and the total vibe – calm but energising, excellently organised but relaxed – were all perfect. The food was delicious, healthy, satisfying. El and Anna were totally brilliant. I loved the food. Clive’s yoga was inspirational, every day. But the aspect that perhaps I wasn’t expecting, and which surprised me, was the power, joy, and inspiration I gained from my fellow guests. Thank you all.
And did I mention the food..?’ – Simon Blake

‘The other guests were wonderful; inspiring and real pleasure to spend time with. Everyone involved in running the retreat was very welcoming, friendly and really fun to have around. Eleanor and Anna made us all feel really at home and looked after us brilliantly. Wonderful, inspiring, responsive yoga teacher. I had the best massage I have in years. The food was excellent, absolutely delicious. The views were magnificent. Perfect balance of structure and freedom.’ – Fiona Paveley

‘Had the most relaxing week. Such a great experience. Everything was so smooth, well organised. Awesome yoga and hikes of course. The venue is fabulous, with indoor spa, pool & jacuzzi, in-house cinema …the food was incredible. On top of all that, it was so lovely to meet new people and it truly ended up being a beautiful, fulfilling and humbling human experience. Thanks to all of you.’ – Morgane Boucherit